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This Privacy Policy covers what information we collect from you when you visit CACPTONLINEGURUKRIPAEXAM.COM.

 1)      By using the CACPTONLINEGURUKRIPAEXAM.COM website you agree with the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

 2)      The information that we receive and collect depends on what you do when you visit CACPTONLINEGURUKRIPAEXAM.COM

 3)      Automatically Collected Information:

Some information is automatically received and sometimes collected from you when you visit the CACPTONLINEGURUKRIPAEXAM.COM. We receive and collect the name of the domain and host from which you access the Internet; the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the computer you are using; the browser software you use and your operating system; the date and time you access our site; and the Internet address of the website from which you linked directly to our site. We use this information to monitor the usage of our site. Also when we send e-mails to you we may be able to identify information about your e–mail address such as whether you can read graphic-rich HTML emails. All of the information we capture provides us with the ability to enhance our customers` search and shopping experiences and to determine aggregate information about our user.

 4)      Information Collected via Cookies:

We use cookies to enhance the browsing experience on our website. Cookies are small files or records which we place on your computer hard drive to collect information about your activities on our website. The cookies transmit this information back to the computers at CACPTONLINEGURUKRIPAEXAM.COM. These computers are authorized to read such information and the information captured makes it possible for us (i) to speed navigation` keep track of items in your shopping cart and provide you with custom tailored content; (ii) to remember information you gave us so you don’t have to re-enter it each time you visit the website; (iii) to monitor the effectiveness of certain marketing e-mail campaigns; and (iv) to monitor total number of visitors and the number of pages viewed.

Most people do not know that cookies are being placed on their computers when they visit the website. You can choose to have your browser warn you every time a cookie is being sent to you or you can turn off cookie placement. If you refuse cookies you will not be able to open CACPTONLINEGURUKRIPAEXAM.COM online cart and therefore will not be able to complete an order with us online. Also by not using cookies your overall Internet browsing experience will be affected.

 5)      Information Collected Using Pixel Tags:

To help us understand the effectiveness of certain of our e–mail marketing efforts’ CACPTONLINEGURUKRIPAEXAM.COM may use MESSAGE FORMAT and MESSAGE OPEN sensing technologies. Both technologies require the use of pixel tags. The message format sensing technology allows us to recognize whether you have enabled your e–mail program to receive HTML e-mails; if so, this information is then associated with your e–mail address so that subsequent messages can be sent to you in HTML format. The message open sensing technology allows us to recognize whether you have opened our e-mail. We can only detect this if you have enabled your e-mail program to receive HTML e-mails.

 6)      Information You Actively Submit to CACPTONLINEGURUKRIPAEXAM.COM

For accessing most of the browsing services we provide, we may collect your name, e–mail address, billing address, shipping address(es), phone numbers and credit card information to create a registration account for you.

We will share the Personal User Information with any of the third–party. We maintain the confidentiality and security of the Personal User Information and have the internal company policy in using and accessing such information

 7)      How we use and share Personal User Information

 a)      CACPTONLINEGURUKRIPAEXAM.COM uses the Personal User Information to market products and services occasionally.

 b)      Credit card Companies: Credit Card transactions are handled by a third-party financial institution and their vendors who receive the Credit Card Number and other personal information only to verify the credit card numbers and the process transactions.

 c)       CACPTONLINEGURUKRIPAEXAM.COM account holders can opt-out from our use of your information at any time by logging onto your Account and follow the instructions given thereunder.

 d)      Law Enforcement Investigations: CACPTONLINEGURUKRIPAEXAM.COM may release Personal Customer Information when we believe in our good judgment that such release is reasonably necessary to comply with law enforce or apply the terms of any of our policies or user agreements or to protect the rights property or safety of CACPTONLINEGURUKRIPAEXAM.COM our users or others.

 8)      Communications from CACPTONLINEGURUKRIPAEXAM.COM:

As an account holder you may receive the following communications from us – 

 a)      Communications related to transaction account, website maintenance activities, order confirmations, order updates, order problems, important website information and material changes to site policies and account management procedures.

 b)      Updates through newsletter updates and Communications: You may sign up for free e–mail Newsletters and Alerts filled with recommendations and reviews for taking exams with confidence and many more. To do so you will need to supply your e-mail address when requested in the `Keep Me Posted! Please note that this Keep Me Posted is different from the CACPTONLINEGURUKRIPAEXAM.COM Account and password which you set up to make purchases.


 9)      Underage Users (Students):

Our Online Exams and Services are marketed for purchase by adults or with the consent of adults. From time to time parents and guardians allow their children under the age of 18 to browse website and to post reviews. We highly value these views, but at the same time it is the responsibility of the parents / guardian to ensure about the authenticity and effect of the informations so provided to create the account in the website / writing exams etc.


 10)  Linking to Third Party websites:

When you click on the links and banners on our site that take you to third-party websites you will be subject to their privacy policies. While we support the protection of privacy on the Internet CACPTONLINEGURUKRIPAEXAM.COM cannot be responsible for the actions of any third-party websites. We encourage you to read the posted privacy statement of any and every site you visit` whether you are linking from our site or browsing on your own.

 11)  Questions or comments:

If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy please e-mail us at padhuka@shrigurukripa.com



 1)      Protecting your Information: The Personal User Information you provide including your credit card information to create and access an account with us and to make purchases from us is secured using industry standard e-commerce security technology such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology. We use this SSL technology to prevent such information from being intercepted and read as it is transmitted over the Internet. The encrypted data goes to a secure site where your information is stored on restricted-access computers located at restricted-access sites.

 2)      Unique E-mail Password & Security Answer: When you create a CACPTONLINEGURUKRIPAEXAM.COM account we secure your Personal Customer Information in the following manner:

 a)      We cross check an e-mail address with the submitted password to validate access to any CACPTONLINEGURUKRIPAEXAM.COM customer account.

 b)      We do not allow any e-mail address to access more than one CACPTONLINEGURUKRIPAEXAM.COM account.

 c)       When a new CACPTONLINEGURUKRIPAEXAM.COM account is created we require you to submit an e-mail address that is not associated with an existing CACPTONLINEGURUKRIPAEXAM.COM account.

 d)      We request you to select a security question and a security answer which you can use to access your account when you forget your password.

 e)      We encourage you to use a password and a security answer that is not easily determinable.

 f)        Keep your password and answer secure; do not share it with anyone.

 g)      The password and security answer are the keys to your account; anyone who gets these keys can along with your e-mail address gain access to your account.

 h)      If you forget your password to gain access to your account you will need to know your security answer and have access to your e-mail account.

 i)         On the Account Sign-In Page click on the Forgot your password? Link and then type in the e-mail address of the account you would like to open. A message will be sent to your e-mail address with instructions on how to access your account and change your password.

 3)      Remember to sign out: To further prevent unauthorized access to your account remember that, after you sign–in, you should sign out once you have (i) completed your transaction (ii) completed managing your account (iii) decided to step away from your computer. Anyone who accesses your computer after you have signed in but before you have either signed out or your session has timed-out can access your account.

 4)      Alternative customer purchasing options: If you do not feel comfortable sending your credit card information to us over the Internet you still buy Exams from us. We welcome you to call us to complete your purchase by phone. Other payment options are also available.

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