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Q : When was Gurukripa started?
  A : 

Shree Guru Kripa’s Institute of Management is a unit of Shri Guru Kripa Management Consultants Private Limited. Gurukripa was started in the year 2002 for conducting classes for Chartered Accountancy course and has trained more than 36,000 students till date.

Q : Does Gurukripa publish Books?
  A : 

1.       GURUKRIPA is the first and only Educational Institution in India, to publish and provide for all the subjects and all the levels (CPT, IPCC and Final) of Chartered Accountancy curriculum.

2.       GURUKRIPA’s Books are available to students across the country, under the head “Padhuka”s Series.

3.       Students from all over the country have benefitted from Padhuka’s Books, by succeeding in their CA exams with Rank.

Q : What are the features of Gurukripa’s Books / Padhuka’s CPT Books?
  A : 

·         Full Coverage of the syllabus prescribed by the ICAI

·       Question and Answer Format, to support conceptual as well as exam–oriented learning.

·         Chapter Overview to have a bird–eye’s view of the topic and subject.

·        Full Coverage of all applicable formulae, case–laws, principles and procedures.

·         Step–wise and Point–wise discussion of Theory Questions.

·         Logical Arrangement of all topics and sub–topics thereunder.

·         About 14,000 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with answers, to prepare for the ICAI CPT Exams.

Q : What are the features of Gurukripa’s Books / Padhuka’s Books?
  A : 

GURUKRIPA’s Books have several unique, innovative, path–breaking and first–of–the–kind features which support effective learning, including the following –

·         Full Coverage of the syllabus prescribed by the ICAI

·         Question and Answer Format, to support conceptual as well as exam–oriented learning.

·         Chapter Overview to have a bird–eye’s view of the topic and subject.

·         Fast Track Referencer for repeated revision and quick memory of principles and concepts.

·         Coverage of past 60 Past Exam Question Papers of the ICAI.

·         Coverage of all Revision Test Papers of the ICAI.

·         Logical Arrangement of all topics and sub–topics thereunder.

·      Complete step–wise exam–oriented presentation of Practical Questions and Illustrations.

·         Step–wise and Point–wise discussion of Theory Questions.

·         Updates of Amendments in Direct and Indirect Tax Laws through our website.

Q : Does Gurukripa conduct CPT Online Model Exams?
  A : 

Yes. At present, Gurukripa conducts Online Model Exams for CA CPT through its dedicated website for CPT Online Exams, viz. cacptonlinegurukripaexam.com.

Q : Who can enrol for Gurukripa’s CA CPT Online Model Exams?
  A : 

Student preparing for the CPT Exam of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India can take the benefit of Gurukripa’s Online Model Exams.

Q : What are the advantages of Gurukripa’s Online Model Exams?
  A : 

The following are the advantage of Gurukripa’s Online Model Exams.

a)       Same Pattern: The pattern and structure of the questions is same as per ICAI CPT Exam Requirement.

b)      Timer: Exam is monitored by a Timer Facility, which creates the practice of answering the questions within the stipulated time, thereby increasing the speed and accuracy, which is a must for any professional exam.

c)       Performance Card: The User will have a log of all the exams taken by him / her.  This facilitates comparison of marks and know the improvement in learning.

d)      Explanation: Learning is complete only when opportunity is provided to learn from the mistakes committed. Gurukripa provides explanations and reasoning for all questions, particularly leading to learning in respect of the wrong answers given by the User, and unattempted questions.

Q : What are the advantages of Padhuka’s Books?
  A : 

1.       Authors: Padhuka’s Books are authored by the eminent Faculties themselves. The Faculties have rich academic experience and integrate the processes of classroom teaching and learning from textbooks.

2.       Single Point Referencer: The Books cover – (a) the entire syllabus, (b) past 50 Exam Question and Answers, (c) Revision Test papers. Students need not refer any other book for exam preparation as all material required for study is compiled into a Single Book.

3.       Presentation:  The topics are presented in an easy to understand Question and Answer Format. Charts, Diagrams and Tables have been inserted for better clarity of concepts.

4.       Fast Track Referencer: Fast Track Referencer in various books helps the student to make a quick revisions of the chapters.

5.       Latest Amendments: The books are updated frequently for latest amendments and changes.

Q : Where can I get Padhuka’s Books?
  A : 

Padhuka’s Books are available across the country through our Publishers’ and Dealers’ Network. You may –

1.       Visit www.sitaraman.com, and order online.

2.       Visit www.shrigurukripa.com for a list of Dealers in your area, and buy the books directly in your place.

3.       Call 044-28111516 or 044-28117069 or 09940012301 or 09940012303, and place your orders through telephone and make payment as per your choice of books.

4.       Mail to sitaraman­_tn@airtelmail.in or padhuka@shrigurukripa.com and order books by e–mail.

Q : Are Gurukripa’s Classes taken for all levels of CA Course?
  A : 

Yes, Classes are conducted for all the subjects in CA CPT, IPCC and Final Level.

Q : Who are the Faculty Team at Gurukripa?
  A : 

1.       Gurukripa’s Faculty Team consists of eminent Chartered Accountants with rich academic and professional experience, including Gold Medalist and Rank Holders, Information Technology Professionals, and other eminent professionals.

2.       Besides training CA Students, Gurukripa’s Faculties are effective trainers and speakers at various professional forums including Chambers of Commerce.

3.       Gurukripa’s Faculties also provide training to Corporate Executives, Banking Sector Executives, Private Enterpreneurs, Government Officers and high–ranking Officials.

4.       Gurukripa’s Faculty Team is also in the Faculty Team of National Academy of Direct Taxes, Income Tax Department, and Comptroller and Auditor General of India.

Q : What are the benefits of Gurukripa’s Classes?
  A : 

1.       Teaching by Expert Faculty, including Chartered Accountants, Gold Medallist in CA Exams, Information Technology Professionals, etc.

2.       Separate “Student Kit” for each student, consisting of Reference Textbooks for all subjects, Notebooks for Classroom Practice, Workbook for solving various questions, Scale, Pen, Handbag, etc.

3.       Focus on Effective Understanding of the subject for examination purpose.

4.       Guidance on effective workable strategy and time management scheme for preparation for the exams.

5.       Detailed procedural explanations for all concepts / applications / question types in the Exams, highlighting the way in which answers are to be presented in the Exams.

6.       Constant motivation to build up the confidence level of the students.

7.       Student–friendly approach in the classroom.

8.       Use of Over–Head Projector, LCD Projector for better clarity.

9.       Timely completion of syllabus, so as to provide adequate time for the students’ own study, preparation and revision.

10.   Clarification of Doubts leading to learning in an effective manner.

Q : What is the concept of CA full–time classes in Gurukripa’s?
  A : 

CA Full–Time Classes is an novel arrangement covering all the subjects for the CA Exam, in a regular, systematic, organized and comprehensive manner.


The idea of full–time Classes is to ensure learning for all the subjects in a single roof , similar to School Education, College Graduation Education, Engineering and Medical Course Education.


Gurukripa conducts full–time classes for all the three levels of CA Exams, viz. CA CPT, IPCC and Final.


GURUKRIPA is the first and only Educational Institution in India, to innovate the idea of full–time classes for the students of Chartered Accountancy, and facilitate effective and efficient learning process.

Q : What are the benefits of fulltime coaching?
  A : 

·         Assistance from Professional and Expert Faculty Members.

·         All Subjects under One Roof.

·         Special focus on exam preparation and presentation.

·         Clarity in understanding.

·         Face–to–Face interaction in Guru–Shishya tradition.

·         Effective knowledge transmission and doubt clarification.

·         Reduction in learning time of new concepts, principles and procedures.

·         Classroom training, similar to School and College.

·         Practice Test and Professional Evaluation.

·         Constant Motivation.

·         A disciplined and purposive method of learning.

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